1280 Velp Ave
Green Bay's West Side
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Auto Haus on Velp Luxury Used Car Dealership in Green Bay, WI

Luxury Vehicles for Less

At the Auto Haus, we are constantly searching quality preowned vehicles for excellent, brand name vehicles, with clean titles that we can offer to our customers. Because we run an efficient, lower overhead operation than some of the other mega-dealers, we are able to pass on our savings to you…

Plus, why pay full ticket for a new vehicle when you can own a comparable low mileage, late model vehicle for a fraction of the price…

That’s why we are able to offer Luxury Vehicles for Less!!!

Auto Haus Values

  • INTEGRITY  We always do the right thing no matter the cost.
  • QUALITY  There is excellence in everything that we do and sell.
  • RESPECT We always treat others as if they would like to be treated.
  • REAL We are honest about everything and never compromise our values.
  • FUN It needs to be an enjoyable experience.

Auto Haus on Velp Used Car Dealership in Green Bay, WI

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