When you choose to do business with us at Auto Haus, you will get access to a range of excellent services. Our extended protection plans are just one of the many benefits you can experience here. These offers make for successful purchases and enjoyable driving experiences for miles to come.

What is a protection plan?

An extended protection plan is a lot like a manufacturer's warranty. When you opt in to this offer, you are covering your used vehicle's health and safety for miles to come. From maintenance to complete coverage, these plans can do it all. Extended protection plans are a great way to invest in your purchase for the long haul.

The Benefits of an Extended Protection Plan

The main worry customers face when shopping for a used vehicle is just how long that model is going to last. When you purchase a pre-owned option along with one of our extended protection plans, those fears will melt away. You can drive through Bellevue, WI, with a more complete peace of mind than with any used car or SUV you have had before.

Utilizing these Plans on a Used Luxury Vehicle

One thing that many Ashwaubenon customers love to do when working with our dealership in Green Bay, WI, is utilizing a protection plan on a used luxury vehicle purchase. This means you get the quality of a beloved brand along with added coverage, making a very beneficial purchase. You can find luxury brands like Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz in our inventory that all qualify for these protection plans.

Call or Visit to Learn More Today

At Auto Haus near Appleton, we love making your used shopping experiences easier. Our extended protection plans are just another way we achieve that goal. You can call or visit today to learn more about these excellent offers.