If you are looking for more information on gap insurance and why it is important, our team at Auto Haus in Green Bay, WI, is here to help set your mind at ease. Gap insurance offers increased peace of mind during your daily drive and is available for new vehicles and pre-owned models. Affordable plans are available through our dealership, with gap insurance covering the difference between what your vehicle is worth and the amount you owe. This comes into play in the event of an unexpected accident, and we recommend considering gap insurance options if you have not already!

Reasons You May Need Gap Insurance

People may need gap insurance for a variety of reasons. If you have purchased a vehicle with a quicker depreciation rate than the market average, you may consider gap insurance as a protective measure. Other reasons include rolled-over negative equity from old car loans, lease terms, and 60-month+ finance plans. Usually, lease terms will require gap insurance upon signing.

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Whether you are based in Appleton or Bellevue, WI, we are just a short drive away at Auto Haus. Stop by our dealership on Velp Avenue in Green Bay, WI, today for an exclusive consultation with our financial experts! We are excited to work with you, and we encourage you to give us a call or contact us online if you have any questions before visiting.

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